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Aug 19, 2015

Last time, we talked about the basics of OCI, how to bid, and what to expect in the initial interview. Today, we’re discussing the next step in the process – callback interviews.


Topics discussed include:

  • The basics - what's a callback interview, and how is it different from the initial on-campus interview?
  • What are firms looking for in a callback?
  • Advice on scheduling interviews and handling travel arrangements (including what you can expect the firm to pay for)
  • What to wear for your callbacks and what to bring with you
  • Thank you notes
  • What you should be paying attention to on your callbacks, to figure out if a firm is a good fit for you
  • Questions to ask (and not to ask) at a callback
  • What to do if you strike out at OCI and need to find a job a different way

If you're doing callbacks, this is a must-listen episode! We'll tell you all the stuff that no one else will.


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Alison & Lee