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Oct 12, 2015

Studying in law school is not one-size fits all. Each student learns in a different way. The key is to recognize the type of learner you are and use that information to optimize your study style - for YOU. 

In this episode we talk bout:

  • The three main types of learning styles - Auditory, Visual and Kinesthetic
  • Whether learning styles even exist
  • How to figure out your learning preferences you are
  • Specific techniques for each learning style in law school
  • How to outline and what type of learner should (and shouldn't) utilize outlining
  • Why you should probably handwrite your outlines
  • The basics of attack plans, and why they're important (for everyone!)
  • Using checklists vs. roadmaps for your attack plans
  • Flowcharts, Flashcards, and Mnemonics and who can benefit from them


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Alison & Lee