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Oct 19, 2015

Are you struggling with certain things in law school? We have all been there. When you need help, it's critical to find the "right" resources to help you (and won't make you need even more help!). If you're not sure who to turn to for help, or what resources are available, tune in.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Is it okay to ask for help in law school?
  • How to approach professors so that they're willing to help you
  • Should you go to your TA for help? 
  • How to use academic support services
  • Why you should proceed with caution when asking for help from peers
  • What books and substantive materials are useful
  • What type of help is out there for students with learning disabilities
  • Valuable resources on the internet
  • How private tutors can get you prepared for success and help you with problems you encounter

Don't be afraid to ask for help in law school! The key is to try to solve the problem yourself first and formulate specific questions to ask. The better your questions, the better the help you will receive. Most of all, don't give up! 

Best of luck!

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