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Oct 26, 2015

Whether you are in your first or final year of law school, you should be using supplements. Although they can't do the work for you, commercial supplements can provide valuable insight and help fill the gaps in your understanding. Supplements can provide a roadmap for the topic you're studying, fill in missing details, and - in some cases - provide a more direct explanation of what you're discussing in class.

Want to find out more about what supplements can do for you and how can you use them effectively? Listen in!

In this episode we discuss:

  • What supplements are
  • How supplements can help
  • Different types of law school supplements you can use 
  • Lee and Alison's favorite supplements
  • How to know what information in the supplement you should use (and shouldn't)
  • Should you read a supplement before class or after class?
  • How to avoid information overload
  • How supplements can work with your outlining
  • Using supplements with practice exams
  • Finding the right supplements for your course

Supplements can be a valuable tool for law school success. The key is to use them to complement your reading, lectures and study - and not in place of those methods.  

Best of luck!


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