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Nov 16, 2015

In law school, you spend a lot of time preparing for exams. What most students don't spend time much on is putting yourself in your professor's shoes and focusing on what he or she is looking for in an exam answer. That's what this episode is about! Your goal should be to write a clean, well-organized, and thoughtful exam to give yourself an edge over your frazzled, disorganized classmates. We'll show you how.

In this episode we discuss:

  • What grading exams is really like for your professor
  • What your professor is looking for in an exam answer and how you use this information to present them with the best possible answer
  • The importance of mastering not only the law but being also able to apply it
  • What your professor is NOT looking for 
  • Ways to frustrate and annoy your professor

Remember, when you're writing your exam answers, don't forget to put yourself in the professor's shoes. After all, that's who's giving you a grade.

Best of luck on your exams! 


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