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Nov 30, 2015

Are exams looming on the horizon? In today's episode, we're dishing out some law school exam day tips. You probably have been preparing intensively for the last few weeks for exams, but have you prepared for the day of the exam? Athletes prepare for the day of the big game and so should you! Check out our tips for exam day success. 

In this episode we discuss:

  • Getting ready for the day of the exam in law school
  • The importance of self-care during exam prep
  • How to tell if you are burnt out
  • Sorting out any testing accommodations
  • How to be at your best on game day
  • Being prepared for obstacles you may face on the big day
  • What you should bring with you to the exam (Alison and Lee have very different ideas on this one!)
  • Time management during the exam
  • How to handle anxiety during the exam
  • How to adjust your strategy for take home exams
  • Decompressing between exams


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Alison & Lee