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Jan 2, 2017

Welcome back! Today we're sharing advice for first-time bar exam takers, to ensure you can take the test once and pass. Even if you're still in law school, and the bar exam is years away, it's never too early to get informed and chart a course for success, so tune in.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Mistakes first-time bar takers commonly make
  • How to evaluate what type of bar prep is for you
  • Do you need to take a commercial bar prep course?
  • The importance of knowing your strengths and weaknesses when studying
  • Alison and Lee share their experience as first-time bar exam takers
  • Avoiding burnout while studying for the bar
  • What to do if you sense that your bar prep course isn't working for you
  • What role minimum competency should play in your bar exam strategy
  • Ways to prepare for the MBE efficiently
  • Preparing for the day of the bar exam
  • How to prepare for emergencies that may arise as you're studying or on test day
  • The importance of targeted practice
  • Accommodations and how to get them


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Thanks for listening! Good luck on the bar exam.

Alison & Lee