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Oct 22, 2018

Welcome back to the Law School Toolbox podcast! Today we’re talking about setting your priorities in law school when you're overwhelmed by your to-do list. This is the time in the semester when things get really busy and overwhelming, so tune in to find out how to tame your to-do list and get the most important stuff done.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The two biggest mistakes law students make – prioritizing the urgent over the important and neglecting self-care
  • What the difference is between urgent and important tasks on your to-do list and how to prioritize them (HINT: ROI – return on investment)
  • Three don’ts – don’t skip class; don’t over-prioritize certain tasks; and don’t forget self-care
  • Why it’s ok to leave something on the table; you might not finish 100% of your reading or brief every case, and that's okay
  • Self-care – make sure you’re sleeping, eating well, spending some time with loved ones outside of law school, and exercising


Episode Transcript: Download the Transcript (

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Alison & Lee