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Sep 28, 2015

Today we are talking about one important facet of your law school experience - learning to argue like a lawyer. From class to court, it's all basically the same.

So, what do Lawyers argue about? Some combination of:

  1. The Facts
  2. The Law
  3. Policy

In this episode we discuss:

  • Examples of the types of arguments you will find...

Sep 24, 2015

Are your resume and cover letter ready to send out? Many law students wait until they're under the gun to craft their job application materials. The truth is you should write your resume now to avoid having to rush and create one when an opportunity presents itself.

Not all resumes and cover letters are created equal....

Sep 21, 2015

What is it about the term Legal Writing that makes law students cringe? If you are a first-year law student, you're most likely enrolled in a Legal Research and Writing Class (LRW). This is a class that can strike fear into the heart of some law students. Others approach it with an "I got this" attitude only to be...

Sep 17, 2015

Are lawyers actually more unhappy than your average professionals, or do they just like to complain a lot? 

Studies have shown that 52% of practicing lawyers are dissatisfied in their careers. They suffer from depression rates 3.6 times higher than other professions. The divorce rate is higher among lawyers and...

Sep 11, 2015

Welcome back! If you are a 2L or 3L who's stuggled in law school, this episode is for you. Today we're talking about how to overcome a 1L year that was less than stellar and raise your grades for the rest of your tenure in law school.

Your GPA as a 1L is important because it's used for on-campus interviews and Law...