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Jun 20, 2016

Welcome back! Today we’ve got an entertaining topic – the eccentric characters you'll meet in law school, along with some tips on law school etiquette (if you don’t want to find yourself on this list in the future). 

Now, you might be wondering what we’re talking about. Isn’t law school just a bunch of students studying the law? Haha, as if. 

For whatever reason, law school tends to attract a rather eccentric cast of characters, some of whom you’re likely to run into, for better or worse!

In this episode we discuss:

  • What is the most notorious law school character type?
  • Other personality types you will meet in law school and how to deal with them
  • The characters Lee and Alison encountered in law school
  • Basic rules of law school etiquette
  • The importance of finding your people 
  • Avoiding relationship drama in law school
  • How "not to behave" in law school 

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Thanks for listening! Best of luck with law school.

Alison & Lee