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Jul 18, 2016

Today we’re talking about BigLaw OCI, or on-campus interviewing. This is the annual rite of passage where thousands of law students try to secure BigLaw summer associate positions for the next summer. In this episode, we talk at a high level about all of the aspects of OCI, and you can listen to our earlier OCI episodes for a deeper dive into the specifics of callbacks and initial interviews.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How does OCI work, in general? 
  • How different schools handle bidding
  • How do you know what firms to bid on? 
  • How many interviews should you do?
  • What are the interviewers looking for?
  • The callback process
  • How to decide which offer to accept
  • Why you should understand the NALP rules

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Thanks for listening! Good luck in the job hunt.

Alison & Lee