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Sep 11, 2017

Welcome to the Law School Toolbox Podcast! Today we are talking about a topic every law student needs to think about – Networking! Whether you are an extrovert or an introvert, this episode is for you. Networking is a “bad word” for some folks and can even cause anxiety. You may dread having to get dressed up and go to a networking event to meet new people, but in this job market, legal networking is critically important. So, we want to help you change your perspective! Networking isn’t all about stuffy functions where everyone is wearing suits and making awkward small talk. Actually, networking doesn’t even have to be done in person.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The story of how the Law School Toolbox was born from social media networking
  • What is networking? Why network?
  • Reframing networking as community building
  • How to network: From formal events to volunteer activities, and everything in between
  • Networking mistakes to avoid – be professional!


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Alison & Lee