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Apr 30, 2018

Welcome back to the Law School Toolbox podcast! For the next three episodes, we're talking about different approaches to law school learning, starting with strategies for auditory learners. There are different ways to study using each of the learning styles we’ll discuss over the next three episodes of the podcast, so you can try different things and see how to study most effectively for your exams.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • What is an auditory learner and how do you know if you are one?
  • Active learning versus passive learning and why auditory learners still need to practice writing exams
  • Memorization strategies that work for everyone, but especially auditory learners
  • Things to avoid for auditory learners
  • Auditory learning techniques anyone can use to increase their study effectiveness 


Episode Transcript: Download the Transcript (

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Alison & Lee