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Jun 6, 2016

Welcome back! Today, we're talking with Jeremy Blachman and Cameron Stracher, authors of "The Curve," a new novel set in a sinking ship of a law school. It addresses a number of critical issues in legal education today (and might make some people think twice about signing up to pay full tuition at a low-ranked law school offering limited job prospects!).

Join us for a wide-ranging discussion on the realities of law school today.

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In this episode we discuss:

  • Why law school isn't a panacea for not knowing what to do with your life
  • Jeremy and Cameron's law school, and post-law school, stories
  • Should you go to law school? What if you really want to be a writer?
  • What should students be thinking about before they commit to law school?
  • Why you should read this book before you go to law school 
  • Words of Wisdom for law students and young lawyers


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Enjoy! And best of luck in law school (if you decide life as a novelist isn't for you).

Alison & Lee