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Sep 25, 2017

Welcome back to the Law School Toolbox Podcast! Today, we’re talking with Jeremy W. Richter, an attorney with Webster, Henry, Bradwell, Cohan, Speagle & DeShazo, in Birmingham, Alabama. Jeremy practices civil defense litigation and focuses on commercial auto/trucking litigation, premises liability, general business liability, and various other aspects of insurance defense litigation. He also writes an interesting blog, spanning a variety of topics, which you’ll find at

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Jeremy’s background, why he decided to go to law school and how his career developed
  • Life as a small law firm associate
  • The impact that the people you work with have on your experience
  • Tracking your time: basics of time keeping and the billable hour debate
  • Blogging as a lawyer
  • What young lawyers and law students should know about the business of law
  • Networking as an introvert
  • How to develop skills as a trial lawyer as a young associate
  • What law firms are looking for when hiring associates


Episode Transcript: Download the Transcript  (

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