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Jan 16, 2017

Welcome back! Today, we're talking about the basics of the bar exam. This episode might send shudders down your spine if you're a 3L looking to take the bar exam next summer, or perhaps you're thinking, "Hey, I'm a 1L. Why should I be worrying about this so early?"

Well, the reality is the bar exam is a pretty big deal and is one of the final hurdles to becoming a lawyer. So whether you're taking the next bar exam or taking it a few years from now, you need to understand the basics, to ensure you prepare effectively and only have to take it once!

(We're pleased to announce our episodes now contain a transcript, which you'll find below. Enjoy!)

In this episode we discuss:

  • Bar exam basics, especially California and the UBE states
  • What the UBE consists of (MPT, MBE, MEE)
  • What the performance test covers and how to prepare
  • What to expect on the MBE and how to prepare
  • Being strategic and matching your bar exam planning to your career objectives
  • Questions to ask yourself as you decide which bar exam to take
  • The changes coming to the California bar exam
  • Should you wait to take the CA bar exam? 
  • Will CA be harder or easier after the changes?
  • Planning ahead for the bar exam as a 1L and 2L 
  • Other state bar exams you may encounter
  • Choosing the right bar review provider and whether you need to buy immediately as a law student
  • What are accommodations and how can you get them for the bar exam?
  • Should you take bar electives in law school?
  • The future of the bar exam


Episode Transcript: Download a copy of the transcript

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Thanks for listening! Good luck on the bar exam.

Alison & Lee